LUIFF 2022 | Program 2: DUSK

Program 2: DUSK

As the day transitions into night, as does the mood of the films in our next program, Dusk. These films examine moments of realization and decision making, with a slightly darker tone than the previous program.

Mahalia Melts in the Rain

Emilie Mannering; Canada; 2020; Drama; 11 min. 

Mahalia, a timid 9-year-old black girl, feels different from the other girls in her ballet class. Hoping to boost her confidence, her mother brings her to the hair salon to get her hair straightened for the very first time.

History of Civilization

Zhannat Alshanova; Kazakhstan; 2020; Drama; 15 min. 

Indira decides to restart her life and move to London. However, on her last day, she dares to explore what she will leave behind.

Snap out of It

Quentin Gong; USA; 2021; Drama; 6 min.

Down on himself after losing a boxing match, a young Vietnamese man prevents a purse snatching, while somewhat gaining his confidence back.

It’s Nothing

Anna McGuire; UK; 2019; Drama; 15 min. 

Recent graduate, Robin, returns to her parents’ house and obsessively starts to dig a hole, encouraged by an impossibly perfect girl; but as she digs, she heads further down a path of self-destruction.

Luz – A Witch Story

Julie Roy; Canada; 2019; Drama; 15 min. 

LUZ is an ambulance driver. Her work brings her to discover the inert body of Dorothée. That’s when her dreams reveal the identity of the murderer: a malevolent woman who pursues her. There follows a duel between the two women, where the supernatural mixes with lightning.

Retreat into Christ Heart

Jordan Parker Horban; USA; Experimental; 4 min. 

Super8 film about returning to a natural state of grace.

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