LUIFF 2022 | Program 1: DAWN

Program 1: DAWN

With a new day comes hope for the possibility of what can be. Opening the second Lesley University Independent Film Festival is the program Dawn. The films in this category are lighter, even when they do explore serious topics. The themes discussed involve nostalgia, identity, and exploration through a more accessible tone and approach.

Sounds of the City

Wyatt Cunningham; USA; 2021; Experimental; 6 mins

An exploration of Boston’s urban environment through sound and super 8, with an emphasis on the rhythms of city life

My Name is Nostalgia

Ana Graziela Aguiar; Brazil; 2020; Short; 4 mins

The new coronavirus pandemic surprises the world. In Cuba, on a farm in the interior of the country, film students are isolated because of the virus. My name is nostalgia invites us in this short to experience this quarantine from the farewells and the sadness of an interrupted dream.

The Bell Tree

Serena Bartlett: USA; 2021; Animation; 3 mins

This film reflects on the environmental devastation that affects our world today as the protagonist navigates a world that has been ravaged by natural disaster. Inspired by watercolor, and sumi-e, The Bell Tree expresses the belief that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and one small act can make that light shine brighter.

I’m an American

Marley Steen; USA; 2022; Animation; 2:45 mins

An experimental animation exploring peoples different views on the american govenrment.

It’s Not the Same Anymore

Hannah Elizabeth Burke; USA; 2022; Music Video; 6:25 mins

This music video tells the personal story of a student struggling with the transition between high school and college, and the effect the external factors are having on herself mentally, even if she does not show it to others.

Take Care of Yourself

Wyatt Cunningham; USA; 2021; Animation/Documentary; 3:03 mins

A stop motion animated documentary showing the repetitive and isolated experience of life and school during the global pandemic. A reminder to take care of yourself and support one another because life isn’t easy, especially inside. 

Bluebird Variation

Jeremy Epstein; USA; 2021; Animation/Experimental; 00:53 secs

A handmade rotoscope of a performance of The Bluebird Variation from The Sleeping Beauty by Tchaikovsky

Just Leave it: Vignette I

Willow Machado; USA; 2022; Music Video/Experimental; 1:45 mins

an experimental vignette which explores mood and sound. The piece is set to the song “Just Leave It” by Eleanor Elektra.

A Seal Story

Willow Machado; USA; 2021; Animation; 3:08 mins 

“A Seal Story” follows a day in the life of a mother seal and her pup as they navigate the challenges imposed by human interference on the beach. 


Siana DiGregorio; USA; 2021; Animation/Mixed media; 3:41 mins

MultiBird is about a baby bird’s journey through mixed media to find its way home.

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